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Animate your drawings faster!

Yusha is the AI animation software that allows you to create more with less time needed.


Dive in at no cost – perfect for exploring the basics.

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We are all Creators

Yusha is an animation tool dedicated to giving individuals the power to share their stories by creating animations.

We aren't about AI art

We only care about YOUR style

Yusha hopes to help bring back older styles centered around hand-drawn style by assisting with the production of assets and scenes.

Letting anyone tell their story!

AI Animation Software

Yusha can help you draw your character in their scene, ready to be edited, so you can focus on editing the flow of your work and share your story.

Help us, help you!

Let’s Grow Together

We are working hard towards the release of our beta. If you have any comments or questions head over to our Discord channel or other social media!

Creativity Without Limits!

Watch how Yusha works.

Here is a quick animation made using the Yusha software.

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Bring your character to life

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macOS | Apple Silicon | 1.5 GB | Oct 2023

What's Included?

Here is what you can expect when you download Yusha.

Animation tools for speed

With Yusha's tools, your animation process is faster and more efficient. Yusha assists with creating assets and frames needed in your scenes.

Familiar platform support

Yusha’s animation platform is powered by Godot, so users have access to the animations tools and layout with an immense amount of support.

A helping hand from Yusha

The Yusha team is dedicated to continuously improving the product. Yusha is working to fix your issues and help debug with you.