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We are all Creators!

Explore your ideas without limits by using Yusha to create animations quickly and effortlessly.

We only care about YOUR style

Yusha adapts to each artist's unique style and has no creative limitation. From hand-drawn drafts to advanced 3D models, we're assisting you with the production of assets and scenes.

Your automated animation software

Draw your character and let us do the rest! Yusha embarks several advanced deep-tech algorithms to offer you a powerful animation toolbox, so you can focus on creating your story.

Let’s Grow Together

Launched in 2023, Yusha is a true work in progress. For all your questions and suggestions, head over to our Discord or other social media!

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Animate your drawings 80% faster!

Yusha is the one-stop software that helps you to create animations with less time and resources.


Dive in at no cost – perfect for exploring the basics.

/ month

Get started with :
  • Cost Effective

    basic features and limited requests
  • Entry-level exploration

  • Limited premium functionality,


Tailored for personal use, offering more than the basics.

/ month

Everything in the Free plan, plus :
  • Unlimited API calls

  • Advanced features

    enhance individual experience and task efficiency.
  • Priority support


Elevate teamwork and scale up with our business-focused subscription.

Custom Plan

Everything in the Individual plan, plus :
  • Full premium and basic features

  • Unlimited API calls

  • 24/7 customer support

    priority assistance for quick problem resolution
  • Tailored solutions for unique requirements

  • Priority feature requests

Your first animation in 5-min


Upload your character sheet

Only 4 angles are necessary for Yusha to recreate an actionable and fully rigged model of your character.



Draw initial and final poses

No need for artistic skills, a simple draft will be enough for Yusha to recognize the movement and recreate it.



Press Play

And watch your animation coming to life. After rendering, review and change your settings for a perfect final touch!


Time to start creating!

We are here if you need help!

With everything new, questions are raised. Ask us any questions you may have. We want to help!

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Drop us a message! We are more than happy to assist you.