Empowering a new wave of animators

We understand the pain and beauty of making animations, but for the average person making your own show is nearly impossible.

Cost, time, and effort are exponential!

Yusha will make it more convenient for animators and people to tell their story through animation without the major barrier of entry.

Building an alternative to genAI

Seeing the rise of AI art and how it was taking other creator's work to produce images, we knew eventually they would try to make AI animations.

To support an industry we love our goal is to expedite the process and ultimately leave it to the creators to decide how they want their creation to look.

Making deep-tech accessible

As first-generation digital-natives, we are using our knowledge and skills to embark the most advanced automation technologies into a one-stop accessible tool.

Yusha is your animation companion, fast and easy to use.

The Yusha Team

Shamal D. | He/Him

Founder/Lead Developer

Animations are life. Life is an animation.


Raphaël Rocher | He/Him

Founder/Marketing Lead

Human creativity is genuinely boundless


Sun Chung | He/Him

Business Lead

Nothing better than turning the ordinary into something extraordinary

Joseph B. | He/Him

Community Manager

Animations are love. A passionate medium to evoke one's story.


Millie Oh | She/Her

Art Lead

If you can dream it, you can do it.


Yusha | Yu/Sha

Master Animator

Making animation easier since 2023. Let's animate together!


We're Hiring!

Join the team and play a part in the animation revolution.