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Great things cannot be made alone!

With Yusha, deliver animations as if you had a production studio.

Download Yusha

Yusha v0.03 | Windows | 4.8 GB | July 2024

Your first animation in 5-min


Upload your character sheet

Only 4 angles are necessary for Yusha to recreate an actionable and fully rigged model of your character.



Draw initial and final poses

No need for artistic skills, a simple draft will be enough for Yusha to recognize the movement and recreate it.



Press Play

And watch your animation coming to life. After rendering, review and change your settings for a perfect final touch!


See Yusha at Work

Watch our Video Tutorials on how to master Yusha.

What's Included?

Animation tools for speed

With Yusha's tools, your animation process is faster and more efficient. Yusha assists with creating assets and frames needed in your scenes.

Familiar platform support

Yusha’s animation platform is powered by Godot, so users have access to the animations tools and layout with an immense amount of support.

A helping hand from Yusha

The Yusha team is dedicated to continuously improving the product. Yusha is working to fix your issues and help debug with you.